Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Circa Dolls

We never stop creating doll's characters in our mind. Sometimes it makes us exhausted but so far we enjoy this curse!

Our dolls are divided into these categories (although we never know how many categories we will create)

  1. Nusantara (Indonesian traditional costume)
  2. Asian (Asian traditional costume)
  3. Casual (casual/daily cloth)
  4. Fairy  
  5. Signature (made only one piece for each character)
  6. Custom-made (made in a particular customer's order)
  7. Animal (plushy)


  1. Hi, I just saw your dolls through a Facebook share of my friend, Lulu Ratna. How can we buy these dolls in the USA? Do you have a web store or a page? Thanks

    1. hi, sorry to keep you waiting. I had problem with my internet lately. As i informed you in fb, we haven't a web store or an etsy account yet...;(...hope we can make it soon.

      thanks for your kind attention..

  2. Hi mbk ukke saya jeni, salam kenal
    saya juga pembuat kerajinan tangan ini email saya.
    saya harap mbk ukke bisa berbagi inspirasi dengan saya. Terima kasih