Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pride of Nusantara

We try to incorporate every single detail of traditional costumes in order to respect diverse ethnic groups in Indonesia.

Our biggest challenge is the fact that Indonesia consists more than 300 ethnic groups! Yay!

(30cm height)

Putu and Syawitri from Bali

Asep and Euis from West Java

Jiun and Romlah from Jakarta (Betawi)

Bariah and Kadir from Madura
Bagus and Rahayu from Central Java

Detail of Bariah..always wears bright color costume

Look at her hair style...

Detail of Putu...wears "Udeng"

Putu the Balinese 

Asep the Sundanese


Asep is kind hearted young man, humble and extremely creative

Sarung is Asep's trade mark

Jiun wears "kopiah"

Asep and Euis in different costume and hair style 

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  1. Hallo, gimana caranya ya mau beli bonekanya? lucu-lucu banget :)
    Apakah ada tokonya?